Paul RudolphBoston Government Service Center Boston, Massachusetts.
"In the end, it’s not the changes that will break your heart; it’s that tug of familiarity."
― Jennifer E. Smith (via psych-quotes)

MArch [Prof] Design Thesis [In Progress] | Hayden Grindell
- Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand   (1st Post)

Here Be Dragons
William Gowland / Architectural Association / Diploma 4 – RIBA II / Liam Young & Kate Davies / June 2014
The world is now concealed and manipulated in ways that make answering the question of where am I an impossibility. Glitches in the big and fragile infrastructures of Global Positioning systems mean we are sometimes both here and there, as a pulsing blue dot locates us to within 500 meters. What are the implications of a navigational system based solely on the virtual?
Through jamming the GPS network, an alternative virtual topography is revealed as a territorial architecture of spoofed cartography; Emerging as a landscape that operates and exits in two parallel worlds, the physical and the virtual.
Imaginary protest icebergs drift through the autonomously navigated oil shipping lanes. We get lost in a wilderness of illegal signal jamming formations and we glimpse the faint flicker of covert militarised GPS territories, super stable under a secret sky of black satellites.
Some are landscapes of misdirection, others are navigational markers guiding one safely through unstable terrain. We now put our faith in a digital territory that is just as unknown and fallible as the physical.

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Brothers meet for a Christmas reunion after being separated by the Berlin Wall for over 2 years. From Dec 20 1963-Jan 5 1964, West Berlin residents were allowed one-day passes to visit relatives in the East. Read More

The fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989. Photo by Jean-Claude Coutausse.